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от на 24/11/2014

Вот отчет CNN результатах встреч АПЕК, где обсуждался и вопрос ХЯС"What you don't know, mainly because you have not been listening, is that cold fusion has finally come of age. It makes all the oil and gas and coal and nuclear energy of this age worthless. It is a commodity that leads the markets to dump oil, gold and silver because those things are hedges against a vanishing commodity that no longer needs a hedge.
Cold fusion, now known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - a temporary tip of the hat to the hot fusion scientists that spent tens of billions to achieve what cold fusion has achieved with a couple of million dollars - is now a reality.  As "60 Minutes" trumpeted a few years ago, "Cold fusion is hot again."
For India, cold fusion represents the once-in-a-lifetime potential to generate true, enduring productivity and even prosperity for its vast, well-educated work force and highly entrepreneurial people; it means ending the long dark time of poverty its people have suffered for two thousand years. The most distinguished scientists in the world, i.e., those who ahve chaired or sat on committees of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences that hand out the Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry, have personally validated the device that an Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi, who lives and works in America, has created. The Royal Academy helped fund the study, too, and Nobel physics laureate Brian Josephson has excoriated fellow scientists in Nature, the magazine, for ignoring it. Those scientists, without Rossi's help or presence, proved for 32 days that an 8-inch length of pipe, weighing just under one pound - of complicated design, nonetheless - over that month and two days could generate one million five hundred thousand watt hours of heat with only a few grams of fuel that was still abundant when the test ended. Put a few thousand of those pipes together and the world's energy needs are met. We'll still need oil for plastics and lubricants, but will no longer need the fossil fuels we refine to yield gasoline and heating oil.
Vladimir Putin is about to suffer the greatest sucker punch  the world has ever known. All his oil, all his natural gas, will have only a small fraction of its present value.
And China? They are not slow people. They saw the cold fusion device called the Energy Catalyzer coming, and as they have done with everything else you can possibly imagine, they have started manufacturing it under license from an American company called Industrial Heat LLC of Raleigh, N.C.
The Chinese even had meetings about it with President Jinping himself present, and out of those high-level planning meetings has come the creation of a brand new industrial park in Baoding, China, that may already be manufacturing these things. Rossi is manufacturing them, too, at an Industrial Heat facility in North Carolina. The so-called "Hot Cats" sell for $1.5-million each, and  produce a minimum of three times as much energy as they use. The patent application filed by Industrial Heat LLC, however, says the E-Cat has a coefficient of performance of 11 - meaning 11 times more energy out than in." А.П.

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